Thursday, 28 May 2015


*XO Sweatshirt // Fivepoundtee
Tartan Skirt // Happy Monday
*Cloud Backpack // Spiral
*Over Knee Socks // Leggsington

This outfit is pretty much my idea of a perfect outfit. I've had the skirt for a while now but it's definitely one of my faves. It looks super cute with my new sweatshirt from Fivepoundtee. Fivepoundtee sell an awesome range of tees and sweatshirts with really cool designs, this sweatshirt is such good quality for only £12 - and as the name suggests, all the tees are £5! I've got an awesome eye design tee from them as well that will be coming to the blog soon.
I also can't get over how cool this backpack from Spiral is! Backpacks are always my bag of choice for commuting to and from uni, and this one is a perfect size for fitting my laptop in as well! Plus the design is fab, Spiral have such a good range of designs; I've also got a cute little tie-dye bum-bag from them that will be in my next post!


  1. Fishnets + thigh highs look so amazing combined with that chunky sweatshirt and cute skirt!

  2. The bag is so cool :)

  3. Gorgeous look, love that backpack.