Saturday, 23 May 2015


*Shell Suit Jacket // Rokit
*Swimsuit Top // Rokit
*Denim Shorts // Rokit
Fishnet Tights // Primark
Siglin Boots // Jeffrey Campbell

So earlier in the week I was invited over to the Rokit Vintage store in Camden to pick up an outfit. Rokit have 4 stores across London, and a massive range of clothing online as well! Rokit sell an amazing range of vintage and reworked clothing, and there were so many amazing things I tried on in store. After spending about an hour looking round, I opted for this blue themed outfit; the shorts, top and jacket are all from Rokit! The prices are really reasonable, this outfit would have come to about £45 which is amazing for a complete outfit! The jacket has to be my favourite, I have been after a shell suit jacket for a while now, and this one is just the perfect shape :D


  1. I must say that the electric blues combined with light blues look crazy stunning in this outfit!

  2. Amazing as always!


  3. przecudowny pokój :)