Sunday, 31 August 2014


Coat // TU Clothing
Jeans // Matalan
Mesh Top // TK Maxx

I have never purchased any clothes from Sainsburys before, however this little beauty caught my eye when I was food shopping the other day! I was in need of coat for the Autumn, and this one is perfect as it fits in with the ongoing monochrome trend. It was £40, but they had an extra 25% off all clothing, so it was definitely worth purchasing. Unfortunately I left it at work yesterday, so I'm hoping it's still there next weekend!


Thursday, 28 August 2014


*FitterHybrid Leggings // Bombsheller
Denim Jacket // Boohoo
Double Sole Creepers // Underground

I am now in possession of the worlds cutest pair of leggings from Bombsheller! I fell in love with them because of all the kawaii little pictures! They are such good quality, and each pair is made to order to prevent wasted products which I love. You should definitely check out the site because they have an amazing collection of really individual leggings. If you're an arty person, you can also design your own pair of leggings that will then be on sale for others to buy; how cool is that! To get 10% off your first purchase, use the code breadandbutter at the checkout! I decided to wear the leggings with an oversize denim jacket and creepers just for a casual outfit.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Heart Choker // Doperadstuffx
Houndstooth Skirt // TK Maxx
Boots // River Island
I cannot get over how cold it is today, thought it was supposed to be summer still! My weather app told me it's still 17 degrees but that is definitely a lie. So I'm having to dress for the winter now even though it's August! Nothing too exciting to say about this outfit except that I finally got a metal heart choker from doperadstuffx, after wanting one for agessss. Gonna go curl up in a ball now and wait for the sun to come back now.


Friday, 22 August 2014


Skater Dress // American Apparel
Metallic Sandals // Boohoo
*Cross Choker // Shop Moon Face

So I finally caved and made my first purchase from American Apparel. I'm usually put off because of the prices, but I've really wanted this dress for a while so I thought I should treat myself. There's nothing wrong with the occasional overpriced purchase! But despite the cost, I really love the dress and I'm so glad I did go for it, especially in this colour, because I can wear it with my favourite metallic sandals! I also have a perfect new choker to add to my collection from Shop Moon Face. They have a beaut selection of chokers and rings so you should definitely check them out!


Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Floral Halter // Cats got the cream
Velvet Skirt // Topshop
*Boots // Lovely Wholesale

If you need a halter in life, then I advise you to check out Cats got the cream on Etsy! I just purchased this halter and was in awe when it arrived because it’s so pretty! Its hand made, but I couldn’t believe how good the quality is, I already have my eye on another one! The print goes really well with my silver velvet skirt, but there are so many other colours it will go with, so I can’t wait to try out some other combos!


Sunday, 17 August 2014


Sweatshirt // Primark
Skirt // Primark
Boots // River Island
Choker // Black Sparkle

When I saw this matching set in Primark the other day I couldn't resist purchasing it even though it is quite pink and in your face, but I still love it! When I showed my mum, here response was "You're not going to wear that in public are you?", so yeah... that just about sums it up haha! But I definitely will be wearing it out in public because I have no shame! They had a grey one too if you fancy something a bit less pink. The set was only £11, so you can't really say no!