Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Skirt // New Look
Jumper // Charity Shop
Boots // Boohoo
Sunglasses // Primark

I haven't been charity shopping in ages, and putting this jumper on has reminded me that I really need to go! I love the feeling of finding something awesome in a charity shop! I got this jumper ages ago and it was only like £2, I just couldn't say no! I don't really know how to explain the texture of it, it's really soft with a velvet-ish sort of texture?? But anyway, I really love the colour of it!
I really should go now as I should be studying (as usual), but I always manage to get distracted!

Amelia Rose

Monday, 28 April 2014


Organza Sleeve Jumper // Primark
Metallic Sandals // Boohoo
Ankle Socks // Primark
Floral Shorts // Primark (old)

Surprise surprise I'm wearing socks & sandals again! This is a regular occurence for me as I seem unable to put a pair of sandals on without sneaking a pair of usually frilly socks on underneath! Now this really doesn't help my situation, as most people think I look about 15 as it is (wahhh I'm 20), but alas, I cannot resist the socks & sandal combo, which I know is either a kind of love or hate thing. What's your opinion on socks & sandals? I'm also wearing this new jumper I got from Primark. I really love the muted pastel colour, and the organza sleeves sold it to me to be honest! Although, I do think I would prefer it if the sleeves were longer (but that's just me being fussy). I'm really loving this topknot hairstyle at the moment,  it's great because I can just chuck the top part of my hair up so it's not hanging in my face (which I hate!). I also like this style as it's really simple, which is a bonus as I actually suck at doing things with my hair!
Does anyone have any cute & simple hairstyle tips?

Thanks for stopping by,
Amelia Rose

Sunday, 27 April 2014




Floral Kimono // Clothesminded
Denim Shorts // Levi's

Sheer Crop Top // Clothesminded
Clutch // Matalan
Boots // Topshop

I wore this outfit out last night for a friend's leaving party. I haven't really had much opportunity to wear this kimono yet as the weather hasn't been warm enough, but it was perfect for going out in as I didn't get too hot dancing in it! I got it  from Clothesminded a while back but they still have it in stock now. I love the kimono's they sell, they look lovely and are super cheap! I decided to go with a pair of Levi's as they are a classic to pull out of the wardrobe when I can't think of something to wear, they are definitely a favourite!
I'm keeping this post short as I keep drifting off due to minimal sleep last night haha!

Did you lovely people get up to anything exciting over the weekend?
Amelia Rose

Friday, 25 April 2014


Top // Primark
Jeans // Primark
Backpack // Primark
Sandals // Amazon

So today I'm basically feeling like a walking ad for Primark! I went for a trip to Primark yesterday to spend the £50 gift card that I had won from a competition on Primania (check out my Primania profile here). I have had my eye on the gingham joni jeans from Topshop for a while now, but I couldn't justify spending £38 on them, considering that I rarely wear jeans anyway! So when I saw these gingham jeans in Primark for £13 I couldn't resist. They also had them in a pale blue, but I just didn't think I would get enough wear out of them, so I resisted! The little ribbed top I managed to find in the sale area for £1, who could say no to that!? Overall I'm feeling a bit of a 90's revival vibe coming from this outfit, especially with half of my hair up in a top knot!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Amelia Rose

Thursday, 24 April 2014


Cardigan // Matalan
Chunky Boots // Topshop
Velvet Top // Primark
Backpack // Primark
Mac // Brave Soul

Just a quick one today as I am supposed to be revising for my exams! (oops). I dug this cute little mac out from the depths of my wardrobe today as it’s perfect for the rainy weather.

I paired it with some washed-out jeans, my chunky boots which I adore (which are also now in the sale) and a plain black backpack. Oh, and I have the cardigan on underneath for a bit of extra warmth. A simple look, but perfect for the unpredictable English weather!

Hope you lovely people like it,
Amelia Rose

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


White Chunky Sandals // Amazon
Round Sunglasses // Primark
White Lace Top // Charity Shop
Floral Skirt // New Look
Mint Ankle Socks // Primark
Mint Scrunchie // New Look

I didn't plan to do an outfit post today, but when my new sandals arrived at the door this morning I couldn't resist! I have been lusting after a pair of chunky white sandals for ages,

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


 Sunglasses // Primark   
Chunky Boots // Topshop  
Mesh Top // Clothesminded  
Polkadot Shorts // TkMaxx

 Let me start by saying hello and thank you if you are reading this! I have finally taken the plunge into the world of blogging after putting it off for at least a year (oops!). I honestly didn't believe that I had anything of value to offer, but after some requests and encouragement here I am! But you'll have to bare with me though, as I'm new to this and don't really know what I'm doing! Oh and I should probably let you know now that I am a bit of an exclamation mark whore! I just feel the need to exclaim everything haha!

To give you a bit of information about myself, I'm a 20 Speech & Language Therapy student studying in London. I kind of fell into outfit posting by chance as it's clearly completely unrelated to my chosen path in life! But despite that, I still love fashion and this is a way for me to enjoy it despite being on a completely different career route.

Oh, and I'm also a bit of a gaming nerd (but shhh, that's a secret!)
But moving swiftly on to the blog. This blog will consist of outfit posts and my recent purchases, and any other ideas that pop into my head along the way. I love buying clothes so this is a great way to share my love with like-minded people! Most of my outfit most are taken in my bedroom (as indicated above) due to a lack locations nearby!

Anyway, enough of the rambling.

Thanks for stopping by!
Amelia Rose