Thursday, 7 May 2015


*Hologram Blue Leggings // Mr Gugu Miss Go
*Yin Yang Sweatshirt // The Yub
Siglin Boots // Jeffrey Campbell

This is the sort of outfit I've been living in at the moment as I sit at home revising for my exams. Well I say revising, but I think the majority of my time has been spent online shopping or blogging so I'm really dreading exams, the first one is a week tomorrow! These leggings are super comfy for lounging around in, but you could also dress them up with a long black top for venturing outside. I've just opted for this sweatshirt as my house always seems to be freezing, and I really hate being cold!


  1. You always look amazing girl! love the boot omg


  2. Nice! That holographic print is so different from the typical ones :)

  3. if they were actually holographic they would be rad :p

  4. I love this print on you!