Friday, 30 January 2015


*Pony In Hate Shirt // Blindyouth Clothing
Platform Boots //
Ripped Knee Jeans // Matalan

This tee is literally the best thing ever! Blindyouth clothing sell such cool design tees and sweaters, but this one has to be my favourite design of theirs! I love the heart shaped rainbow, the pony, the cloud and the pink 'HATE' font, so yeah basically it's perfect :D I've gone for a pretty much all black outfit, but the white boots add a bit of brightness!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

ロンドン [GIRL]

*Tapestry Bomber Jacket // Style London
Mom Jean // Topshop
Buckle Boots // Stone Fox

My friend has been raving about bomber jackets for ages now, and I've never been a major fan of them, but this bomber jacket from Style London has definitely changed my mind! I love the tapestry design, with the contrast black sleeves - it looks so much better than if it was tapestry all over! It's a really nice casual jacket that will be perfect coming into spring when it gets a little bit warmer :D
I wanted a simple top to wear underneath the jacket, and this little crop top from Illustrated People is perfect, as it's not fighting against the jacket for attention!

Sunday, 25 January 2015


*Sweatshirt // Blindyouth Clothing
Floral Skirt // Urban Outfitters
Glitter Fishnets // Topshop
Buckle Boots // Stone Fox

This skirt the first item of clothing I've ever owned from Urban Outfitters. I don't know why but it's just not a shop that has ever attracted me, probably because I don't have one locally to where I live! I got the skirt for my birthday and I really love it, it's from the Pins & Needles range on UO if you're interested! It goes really well with my super cool new sweatshirt from Blindyouth Clothing. They're a new clothing brand, and sell a load of awesome design sweatshirts and tops so it's definitely worth a look!

Friday, 23 January 2015

6 SIX 6

*Pink Pinafore // Style London
Velvet Crop Top // H&M
Glitter Fishnets // Topshop
Quilted Bag // Love Moschino
Siglin Boots // Jeffrey Campbell
'6six6' Lipstick // Melt Cosmetics

This outfit makes me happy because I can combine both girly and grungy pieces into one outfit, so it's a win win situation! I absolutely adore this pinafore dress from Style London, especially because it matches perfectly my Love Moschino bag (best birthday present ever)! I love the simplicity of this dress, because I can adapt it to match lots of different outfits. I think it would look really sweet with a fluffy pastel jumper underneath, either in blue or lilac :D I can't seem to find a direct link to the dress at the moment, but if I do then I will update the post! I've got another piece from Style London to show you lovelies soon, so keep an eye out!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


*Velvet Leggings // Leggsington
Vintage Shirt // depop @madelainey
Mesh Top //
Fluffy Earrings // Billington's Bazaar
Purple Choker // Claire's Accessories

Velvet has always been one of my absolute favourites, and everyone needs a pair of black velvet leggings as an essential in their wardrobe! These ones from Leggsington are super comfy, and I don't know how but I feel like they actually make your legs look slimmer than normal, whereas I usually feel chunkier when I wear leggings! Maybe it's because they're a good quality thick fabric they just pull you in a bit! Either way, I know these are definitely going to be a go to item, because they can be worn for a casual outfit, or dressed up! My friend got me these lovely pink fluffy earrings for my birthday which I am so excited about :D I don't often wear earrings but these are just so cute and fluffy!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


*Gingham Skirt // Yesstyle
*Thigh High Socks // Leggsington
Unicorn Jumper // asos (old)
Platform Boots // 

I know it's only be like 5 days, but I feel like I haven't blogged in agessss. It was my birthday on Saturday (yay 21) and I was away celebrating at the weekend, so didn't get chance to photograph any outfits! So apologies for the lack of blogging but on to today's post! 
I've been wearing a lot of girly colours recently, so it was nice to wear a bit more black for a change! I adore anything with a unicorn design on it, so when I came across this jumper whilst browsing through depop I had to get it! It's not available on asos anymore, but you might be able to find it on depop or eBay if you search for it :D 

I've wanted some thigh high socks for a while now, and was tempted to buy these ones from American Apparel a while back. But these ones from Legginston for £8 are a major bargain because they are such good quality. They go up really high on the thigh which is great, because a lot of "thigh-highs" (note the quotation marks) only go up to about your knees which I don't like. I'm literally going to be wearing them all the time. They look really cute with this Gingham skirt from the PUFII range on Yesstyle. I just checked and unfortunately this skirt is actually out of stock now, which is a shame because it's such a lovely wardrobe essential, but there are some other really cute things in the PUFII range, and also on yesstyle in general :D

This is possibly the longest blog post I have ever written!