Tuesday, 31 March 2015


*Slogan Sweatshirt // YOINS
*Ripped Shorts // Nastydress
*Heart Sunglasses // Banggood
*Below Knee Socks // Leggsington

Although pink is hands down my favourite colour, I do still a love an (almost) all black outfit! You just can’t go wrong with denim shorts and a slogan jumper. I don’t think I currently own any denim that isn't ripped, the more ripped the better! These button up shorts from Nastydress have the perfect level of rippage (clearly a real word) for my liking! I wear a lot more denim than I used to purely because it goes with so many things. The shorts look so good with this jumper from YOINS. I do love a good slogan top or jumper, because it amuses me when I see people trying to read what my clothing says! This jumper is a good level of thickness, as it’s not too warm to wear as the weather is starting to get slightly warmer :D To add a little bit of cuteness into the outfit I decided to wear these amazing heart sunglasses from Banggood. I adore novelty sunglasses, I just think they’re so fun, but I know they aren't for everyone!

Saturday, 28 March 2015


*Sequin Dress // YOINS
*Metallic Bag // Banggood
Booty Call Platform Sandals // La Moda
Cherry Socks // River Island

This weekend is super busy for me, and I didn't think I would get a chance to blog but I've managed to squeeze in a post today! I'm loving the pink and sparkly vibes in this outfit! The dress is a new arrival from YOINS; it's so pretty and sparkly :D I love sparkly clothing, but I don't actually own any sequin clothing, so there was definitely a gap in my wardrobe for this beauty. Sequin dresses always make me think of Christmas parties, but because this one is pink it's definitely acceptable to be worn all year round :D The dress is quite short so I could have probably gone a size up for a better fit. And just a word of warning, if you get this dress take it off with care, because I pulled mine off quickly and managed to scratch my back against the sequins hahaha! The dress goes perfectly with my new shiny bag from Banggood, it's such a good size for a going out bag. They have it in a load of colours and it's only £4, and honestly it is actually really good quality!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


*Denim Jumpsuit // Banggood
Fluffy Jumper // Topshop
Booty Call Sandals // La Moda
*Seyne Round Sunglasses // Glasses Shop

I've had my eyes on a pair of dungarees for a while now, and these ones from Banggood are perfect! I've never seen denim ripped into a specific shape before, so it's really cool that these have star shaped rips! I wore this outfit today to meet up with the lovely Ellen Atlanta today! I found out the other week that we both go to the same university, so it's super cool to have a blogger friend that is so close! We had a lovely chat over a Starbucks, and talked about potentially doing a blog shoot together which will be really good fun (and super kawaii!).

Sunday, 22 March 2015


*Feather Jacket // Vivaruby @ Yesstyle
*Seyne Round Sunglasses // Glasses Shop
Denim Dress // Missguided (old)
Siglin Boots // Jeffrey Campbell

This outfit is quite toned down in terms of colour for me, but I'm really loving it! This feather jacket from the Vivaruby section on Yesstyle is amazing :D It's so soft and fluffy, and makes me feel like such a diva! I decided to pair it with a simplistic dress and knee high socks so the outfit wasn't over the top! I love the stuff from the Vivaruby range, it's all so chic. I really want this fringe skirt and the black version of this coat too!

Now that the weather is starting to get a bit nicer it's definitely time to get the sunglasses out! These new ones from the Glasses Shop are literally my perfect style of glasses, and only cost $19 so are a great price! I literally love them, they will definitely be a new favourite!

Saturday, 21 March 2015


1. Colorful Hamburger Pizza Print Sweatshirt // The Yub
2. Colorful Horse Print T-shirt // The Yub
3. Weed Printed Skateboard Socks // The Yub
4. Cute Pizza Hamburger Print Suit // The Yub
5. Mermaid Dress // The Yub
6. Emoji Sweatshirt // The Yub 
7. Graffiti Bag // The Yub

So this is my first ever attempt at something a bit different on my blog, so I decided to make a wishlist for a company that I came across recently called The Yub. They sell a load of kawaii and colourful clothing so it really suits my style! So above are my favourite picks from the website!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Glitter Top // Topshop
Velvet Skirt // River Island
Lilac Bag // Primark
Bag Charm // River Island
Glitter Socks  // Matalan ~ similar @ Topshop
Metallic Sandals // Just for £5

Not really much of an exciting outfit today, just a standard everyday uni outfit! I got this skirt a little while ago on depop and this is the first time I've worn it. It's actually quite a difficult shade of pink to match with other colours, so I went for silver :D It's not really the season to wear glittery clothes anymore, but they are still one of my favourites so who cares haha!

Sunday, 15 March 2015


Patterned Shirt // Charity Shop
Pleated Skirt // Matalan ~ similar @ Stone Fox
*Thigh High Socks // Leggsington
Plastic Backpack // Dirty Disco Vintage
Siglin Boots // Jeffrey Campbell 

So in my last post I mentioned my recent charity shop visit, and this shirt is the second amazing item of clothing I managed to find for just £2.50! As soon as I walked in the shop it caught my eye and I knew there and then that I would end up buying it! It has such amazing colours and patterns; it kind of reminds me of a jockey's shirt haha! It goes so well with my new plastic backpack from Dirty Disco Vintage. They were running a giveaway on their instagram, and I won! I was super excited because I never win anything and I just love this bag so much :D To be fair I love everything that Dirty Disco Vintage sell because it's all so individual and right up my street!