Tuesday, 7 July 2015


*Lace Up Denim Skirt // Clothesminded
Top // Charity Shop
Sandals // Lamoda

I'm really annoyed with my pictures recently because they are just coming out so dark, and even after I have edited them in lightroom they still seem so dark but I'm trying not to over-edit! I don't think my laptop helps the issue because it has an auto-brightness setting which adjusts how bright the screen is so I don't get a true representation of the colours in the images, and I can't work out how to turn it off! Anyway, rant over XD 
As the title suggests, I'm definitely feeling some milkmaid vibes from this outfit! This skirt from Clothesminded is hella cute, I love anything with lace up detail at the moment! The lace up is actually really functional because you can use it to pull the skirt in tighter at the waist :D The top is from my latest charity shop adventure and only cost me £2.50. I'm pretty sure it's never even been worn before because it's so bright white! I think charity shops will always be one of my favourite shopping destinations!


  1. Lovely! Great Outfit :)


  2. I'm so in love with this outfit! You look really awesome!


  3. I love this look, the top is such a great find :)


  4. Loooove that skirt, this outfit is so cute! I've also had the same problem and I think it may be down to Blogger. On my laptop the photos look fine, but when uploaded to blogger they turn dark and washed out, despite me uploading via URL. It's SO annoying. These photos look good though xx

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