Friday, 17 July 2015


*Floral Kimono // Newdress
*Star Sign Crop // Newdress
Skirt // Stradivarius ~ similar @ Topshop

I look so short in these pictures and it's really bugging me, the fact that I am actually short is beside the point! Also I can't deal with how the reddy shades are coming back through in my hair, so I really need to dye it dark brown again, but it's not going to be worth doing until I come back from my holiday :/
So anyway, I'm wearing this really pretty kimono from Newdress. I went off kimono's for a while because I think they were getting so overdone, but I really love this one because of the length, and it's going to be lovely to take on holiday with me! The top I'm wearing is also from Newdress; it has the symbol for my birth sign on it which I thought was pretty cute. You can the top with any of the star signs on and not just Capricorn! 
I went to Westfield for the first time EVER the other week and ended up getting some bits from shops I had never even heard of before. Stradivarius was one of them and I got this button up skirt for £17, and it's just one of those basic skirts that is really useful to have!


  1. This is such a beaut outfit Amelia! You look gorge x

  2. I have the denim version of that skirt, but seeing it in black looks so amazing xx

  3. I love your kimono, its such a nice length

  4. what a cool look i love it! *.*