Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Weird Girl Halter // Happy Monday
*Mesh Skirt // Kaleidoo Clothing
*Glitter Mesh Jacket // Kaleidoo Clothing
Sandals // Lamoda

I'm super excited because I'm flying to Ibiza this evening :D I'm going on a relaxing holiday not a party holiday FYI, because I know people immediately think of clubbing when Ibiza is mentioned! 
I'm feeling very pastelly and princessy wearing this outfit, it's pretty much a combination of all my favourite colours! The skirt and the duster cardgan/jacket both came from Kaleidoo Clothing and are both super pretty! When I first saw the cardigan in real life I literally fell in love, long jackets are my current fave, plus it's pink, plus it's glittery (which you can't really see from the pictures) so basically it's pretty perfect :D

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  1. What a cute post! I absolutely love the pastels. Have a fab time in Ibiza !

    Millie || Disco East