Monday, 27 July 2015


*Silky Platinum Blonde Extensions // Irresistible Me
Turquoise Dye // Stargazer

So I'm doing something a bit different today and writing a post dedicated to my hair rather than my clothing! I'm trying out these extensions from Irresistible Me and I'm really pleased with the outcome. Before I start rambling I’ll give you some of the technical(ish) info haha! So the extensions I'm wearing are the irresistible Me clip in extensions, and they are made from 100% human remy hair. The colour I am wearing is Silky Platinum Blonde #613, and they are from the Silky Touch line of extensions. I've gone for the longest length which is the 24 inches, but there are a variety of lengths and colours to suit your own hair!

I've never worn extensions before as I've always had pretty long hair, and also my hair is quite thick, plus there’s a lot of it so I would really need a lot of extensions for it to blend in! This is where these IrresistibleMe extensions have impressed me the most! They are so thick, and you get so many rows of extensions so they really do fill your head! The set came with one 4 clip piece, two 3 clip pieces, five 2 clip pieces and two 1 clip pieces! So there is definitely more than enough to cover your whole head. Another thing that surprised me is how soft and silky the extensions really are, I don’t know what I expected them to feel like (as an extension virg), but they are super soft and straightened really easily too!

I decided to get the Platinum Blonde extensions with the intention of dying them a bright colour to make an ombre/dip-dye sort of effect, but I've included pictures of me wearing the extensions both before and after I died them! The colour I used to dye them was inspired by Sophie Hannah Richardson because she has the best hair on this planet! She uses Stargazer Turquoise dye, so I thought I’d give it a bash because I'm also pretty clueless about what hair dye is good!

I'm so happy with how the extensions look in my hair, it’s nice to be able to mix it up a bit without having to do something directly to your own hair. So if you’re after some extra length, volume, or a way to add different colour I would definitely recommend Irresistible Me!

Let me know what you think of them! :D

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