Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Gold Velvet Dress // Topshop (eBay)
*Duster Cardigan // Primark
*Pink Faux Fur // Primark
Glitter Fishnets // Topshop
Poison Ivy Buckle Boots // Stone Fox

Today I'm wearing some of the other lovely things I got with my Primark gift card. I've been after a duster coat or cardigan for a while now, and this one from Primark is just perfection. It looks really cute with this faux fur stole - I got one in black and white from Primark as well! (will be featured in an upcoming post).

Last week Shopcade kindly invited me to a Christmas blogger meal. It was super cute and I got a giftbag full of lovely bits and pieces! One of the gifts was this cute bindi from hannahmakesthings.com! Gem bindis are so pretty, and you can get 7 for £5 which is such a good price! There's a load of other really cute jewellery on there too, so you should definitely have a little look :D