Monday, 22 December 2014


Glitter Top // Topshop
Purple Tartan Skirt // Happy Monday
Glitter Tights // Primark
Metallic Sandals // Boohoo

Today my outfit is a bit metallic overload! But I love glitter and metallics, plus it's Christmas time so that's a good enough excuse for a bit of sparkle. The tights and top are both from Topshop, my friend kindly donated me the glitter top as she hadn't got round to wearing it, and I've wanted one for ages so I was super grateful! I've had the metallic sandals I'm wearing for ages now, but they are still in stock at, and are now in the sale for £15 which is even better! The skirt is from my recent Happy Monday purchase and it's just perfect. They do it in pink as well which I'm really tempted to buy, as well as their 'Kawaii Badass' top that will be in stock soon!