Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Crop Top // Rock On Ruby
Platform Shoes // Justfor£5
Pastel Sweatshirt // Primark
Velvet Moon Choker // Shop Moon Face

I actually do think I have a shoe addiction! I've just bought three new pairs in the past week! One of my new pairs are these beauties from Justfor£5. I saw Trend Of Days post them on her instagram and decided I had to have them! Plus I don't actually own any pink shoes (apart from my Hello Kitty Vans that I never wear) so it seemed a crime not to buy them for £5! Considering how extreme my love for shoes is, I decided to design a crop top at Rock on Ruby to express my love. I think the quote 'shoes are life' pretty much says it all! I absolutely love the top; the deisgns are printed on American Apparel tops so they're really good quality. I didn't take a picture of the back of it, but you can have your blog name printed on the back in smaller font which I thought was a really cool idea!

Just so you lovely people know, I'm going on holiday n the early hours of tomorrow morning, so this will be my last post for about a week :( I will still be posting on instagram, so follow @ameliabreading for updates!



  1. 5 pounds?! Really?! Awesome, by the way, love your blog

  2. That tee is just utter perfection. And those shoes, wowie they're amazing x

  3. I'm totally in love with your shoes! xx

  4. Wow I love everything about this outfit ! xx

  5. love this outfit, so 90's! the quote on your top is so accurate to my life!

  6. Great top! If I made one it would definitely say something very similar, I'm addicted to buying shoes!

    Louise /

  7. Ahh you amazing girl :) so nice of you to mention me in your post. I really wish I had bought the shoes when I saw them :( I was so busy and forgot! Now I'm kicking myself.
    Hope you have a great holiday :) I go on Sunday!!

  8. Amazing ! ♥

  9. Super love the color of the shoes <3
    Happy holiday!

  10. I love your shoes I had to go and look at the just for £5 website and they have some amazing shoes on there I love the holographic ones!

    1. Yeah the holographic ones are so nice! Can't believe they are only £5! ❤❤

  11. I've just started getting into uploading to lookbook again after trying about a year ago and not really getting into it!
    I found you on there and saw you have a blog! absolutely love your style!
    Followed on Bloglovin' Xx

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog