Sunday, 7 September 2014


Sweatshirt // Kiseki Shop
Pleated Skirt // Matalan (Children)
Fishnet Tights // eBay

I really wanted a black American Apparel tennis skirt, so I've had my eye out for dupes in other stores. I saw this skirt in the back to school section of Matalan, (age 13! No wonder people are always telling me I look 15/16. In case you didn't know I'm actually 20 which sucks) and I thought it would be a perfect alternative for the AA one. I was inspired to get this sweatshirt when I saw Amy Souter looking really cute wearing one similar! I've already managed to get purple lipstick on it which I'm not happy about! Hoping it will come out in the wash :'(

I'm off for panakes with the family now. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!


  1. I love your outfit, its so cute, especially the skirt!

  2. Lovely post, ooh I must keep my eye out in matalan, I've been wanting a white and black tennis skirt for too long!

  3. Urgh I love that cute sweater so bad! I need one in my life <3

  4. no way :O this is the coolest sweater everrrr!!