Thursday, 4 February 2016


Sweatshirt // asos
Skirt // Primark
Socks // Topshop (old)
*Boots // Public Desire
Bag // Accessorize 

I thought I'd do a post styling up a few of the bits I received for my birthday the other week.

My best friend Sarah got me this super cool rainbow print sweatshirt, she just knows my style so well! The bag was also a birthday present from my sister, it matches really well with the sweatshirt! I thought I would continue with the grey theme and wear these over the knee socks from Topshop. I bought them about a year ago now, and have only just got round to wearing them!


  1. obsessed with your style right now! where do u find all these great backdrops! nothing like that where i live lol!

    1. Thank you! And all of the places I take my pictures are in the same industrial estate near where I live! So if there's an industrial estate near you defo go and scout it out! X

  2. ahhh this jumper and sock combo is so cute ^.^ I really want to get some socks like these now!! I haven't worn sock/boot combo in a while!
    Awesome outfit lovely :) x

  3. I always love your outfits, this one is the coolest by far. Your new bag and jumper are awesome!

    Emma at

  4. Look very cool!