Wednesday, 21 January 2015


*Velvet Leggings // Leggsington
Vintage Shirt // depop @madelainey
Mesh Top //
Fluffy Earrings // Billington's Bazaar
Purple Choker // Claire's Accessories

Velvet has always been one of my absolute favourites, and everyone needs a pair of black velvet leggings as an essential in their wardrobe! These ones from Leggsington are super comfy, and I don't know how but I feel like they actually make your legs look slimmer than normal, whereas I usually feel chunkier when I wear leggings! Maybe it's because they're a good quality thick fabric they just pull you in a bit! Either way, I know these are definitely going to be a go to item, because they can be worn for a casual outfit, or dressed up! My friend got me these lovely pink fluffy earrings for my birthday which I am so excited about :D I don't often wear earrings but these are just so cute and fluffy!


  1. This outfit is stunning, from the mesh top, down to those gorgeous velvet leggings. I think you're right, I need to get a pair. They should be in everyone's wardrobe!

    xo JoJo

  2. Looooove the white mesh sleeves under the super colourful top! amazing outfit!

  3. Beautiful , I love totally again, however the pretty floral top and the boots ! ♥

  4. awesome look.. love your blog, i follow you (:

  5. Those leggings look amazing on you and that top goes really well with it. I had also placed an order for similar Designer Leggings just a few days ago and they arrived today. Was happy to see that they fit me perfectly and they are very comfortable. Will post pics on my blogs soon.