Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Pink Clueless Suspender // Happy Monday
*Crop Top // Primark
Glitter Socks // New Look
Metallic Sandals // justfor£5
Fluffy Bag // Kylie Jane (depop)

In case you hadn't noticed, pink is definitely my favourite colour of the moment! This pinafore dress from Happy Monday is literally the cutest item of clothing I have ever seen! It's aptly named the 'clueless' dress, and I think we all know why! I decided to overload this outfit with some more pink and  also a bit of shiny. Wearing pretty socks and sandals is definitely one of my all time favourite combinations (I used to go for frilly socks but I'm not such a fan of them anymore), and you certainly get some odd looks when wearing that combination out in public, especially in the winter! But who cares because it looks cute!

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  1. This dress is the best thinggggg!!! Love how you've styled it!