Wednesday, 12 August 2015


*Unitard // Newdress
*Necklace // Pretty Twisted
Sandals // Lamoda
Purse // Boohoo (out of stock)

I took these pictures like the day after I came back from holiday so my tan was still going strong, and you can clearly see the band of white across my boobs from my bikini top haha! Unitards are one of my favourites things to wear because they are just so easy to throw on, and they really show off your figure. This one from Newdress has a low cut neckline which is cute, but would look better on someone who actually owns some boobs!! I ordered the unitard in a size medium, but it has actually come up pretty big so I wish I had got a size small instead!


  1. Nice, But could it be on backwards, open back?

  2. Cute unitard. You are so pretty!

  3. I don't own boobs either but your blog has given me loads of confidence to wear what I like, so thank you! 😘

  4. Pleasure!! X and I don't wear a bra anywhere near as often!! Another thank you!! :)