Sunday, 23 August 2015


*Hawaiian Coord // Tallulah's Threads
Sunglasses // H&M
Sandals // Jeffrey Campbell

As I mentioned in a post the other day, I've decided that I want to start taking my blog pictures outside, firstly because I think it looks better, and secondly because I'm getting pretty bored of my bedroom! I want to know what you guys think though, do you prefer outside pictures, or should I do a mix of both? I'm still experimenting with ideas at the moment so I'm open to suggestions :D
So me and the boyfriend spent the morning driving round my local area scouting out locations to shoot this lovely coord from Tallulah's Threads. It's such a pretty fabric, and I love how it's handmade in the UK :) It's definitely coming with me to Athens in a few weeks! It looks really cute with these thigh high fishnets which I found in my drawer today, I'm not too sure where they came from though and I didn't know that I owned them either haha!


  1. love the dress, such a nice pattern ♥

  2. I think a mix of in and out. The lighting in your bedroom is always great! :)

    Fab coord :) x

  3. love this co-ord - have to say im lovin that u have decided to start shooting outside but would keep it as a mix as ur pics indoors come out really well :) i unfortunately have the opposite prob where i always have to shoot outside cus the lighting in my flat is awful and it can be a mare to find locations and stuff and tie it in when u work as well! :)

  4. the co-ord is so gorgeous! and I really love these outdoor shots.

  5. I love that you're shooting outside now! It helps make the outfit pop too. I like to do a combination of both just in case I'm too lazy to scout a location lol. I love the co-ord, the print is fun and you look great in it. I always find random clothes in my closet all the time. I think it's just a problem of every blogger lol ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  6. Another amazing outfit, love seeing your individuality!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  7. Loving your outfits as usual Amelia! Even better that you've got a new background! Loving it!

    Isobel :D