Saturday, 8 August 2015


*Lace Up Two Piece // Luxemme
*Thigh High Boots // Spy Love Buy
Belt // Primark

I am officially in love with this two piece from Luxemme! It is so chic and simple, and has a really flattering cut to it. When I came downstairs wearing it, even my mum said that it looked flattering on, and she is hard to please as she hates about 99% of the clothing I wear haha! My favourite detail has to be the lace up sides, lace up detailing on shoes and clothes is everywhere at the moment but I haven't seen lace up and scallop edging together yet which I think works really well! Luxemme is a brand new fashion brand combining Parisian chic with Manchester cool, and I definitely think they are a brand to watch out for! This two piece is from the Limited Edition section of the website. I've paired my two piece with these beaut boots from Spy Love Buy. I've wanted to try thigh highs boots for ages; I know they were a big thing last year, but I'm hoping all the shops will be stocking them again this year because I love them!


  1. Don't worry Amelia, thigh highs are still very much a thing this year! I was worried about the same thing lol (first world problems ay) as I haven't worn mine as much as I'd like to, but Topshop has loadssss of thigh high styles, and Public Desire have started advertising theirs again! Yay xx

    Almost Fayemous Fashion Blog x

  2. That two piece is everything! I love the lac detailing on the side and the trimming is so cute! I personally love thigh high boots but for some reason I can't find them anywhere, well for at least an affordable price.

    You look stunning! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  3. what a lovely look
    just found you on lookbook and fell in love with yor style
    the boots are amazing <3

    hope you'll visit my blog too AMELY ROSE

  4. This outfit is fantastic! You look amazing :)