Thursday, 31 July 2014


Star & Moon Choker // Double Cross
*Watermelon Dress // LovelyWholesale

It seems like forvere since I last wrote a post, but its only been just over a week (think I'm slightly addicted!) Just got back from my holiday last night, and arrived home to a parcel full of beaut things from LovelyWholesale. My favourite item out of the lot is this watermelon dress, it's so cute and suits my style perfectly! It is a little bit short, so I've just got a pair of black cycling shorts on underneath for modesty! The boots are also from LovelyWholesale, I know they're going to be a new favourite of mine as they are just perfect! They have a nice chunky heel and shiny texture. The choker is from a company called Double Cross, this is the second choker I've purchased from them; they've got a load of awesome styles so you should definitely check them out if you are on the hunt for chokers!

Amelia Rose


  1. That dress is just perfect, love it! x

  2. that dress is so gorgeous, love your blog

  3. Pretty cute outfit! I love how you have styled everything.

  4. Love the dress, the way you've styled it is so cute x
    eleanor's adventures in wonderland