Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Banana Sweater // Lemonade Clothes
Denim Skirt // Primark
White Fishnets // ebay
Platform Boots // boohoo

I've been a major fan of fishnets for ages now, but I was completely inspired recently to get some in different colours after I saw Kayla Hadlington in her purple fishnets! I bought a pair of white ones and also a pair of pale blues ones which I'm super excited to wear! I don't like having to wear black tights all the time, but I also don't like having bare legs so these are a good compromise :D 
I'm totally in love with this sweater at the moment as well. It's from a cute new shop called Lemonade Clothes, and you can get it in pink, white or blue (I really like the white one as well and found it hard to choose between the two!)


  1. LOVE THIS! - the fishnets are insane!


  2. I am in need of a denim skirt, you pull it off so well!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  3. every time i see you hair it makes me regret cutting mine off :( it's amazing! xo


  4. Loving the white fishnets!!