Monday, 2 February 2015


My Little Pony Dress // ASDA
Chunky Boots // boohoo
*Lilac Connector Choker // Lilac Edge Store
'Darling' Lipstick // Melt Cosmetics

I have never purchased anything from the clothing section of ASDA in my life, but as I was wandering through with my friend the other week this dress caught my eye. I instantly fell in love with it, but was debating whether I would actually wear it! But I'm so glad I did buy it because when I tried it on at home I thought it looked really cute, and for only £7 it would have been silly not to get it! I've just looked online to see if I could find the link for it, but they don't have the exact one so I have linked a similar My Little Pony dress that is also £7 :D Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that it's from the kids section (I'm wearing size 12-13) not that it was likely to be an adults dress!


  1. This dress is amazing! I cant believe its from asda!

  2. this dress magnificent! I haven't seen such an adorable piece for very long time!:)

  3. this dress is so cuuute!!
    gonna have to run at ASDA now ^^

  4. you must be tiny if you can fit the kids section :) the dress is so cute and your whole outfit look really cool