Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Fluffy Jumper // Topshop
Daisy Choker // Matalan
Sunglasses // Matalan
*Boots // Lovely Wholesale

Let’s just take a second to admire how pretty this Topshop fluffy jumper is! I was having a little browse through the Topshop sale online and came across it for just £20. It’s still a bit warm to wear at the moment, but it will be prefect going into autumn! I’m wearing it with my favourite pair of jeans (pretty much the only pair I own and wear). I ripped the knee’s myself, and it’s ridiculous how many people say “you have a whole in your jeans” when I wear… not hilarious. But despite that, they are just amazingly comfy and go with everything!

Decided to take my pictures sitting down, getting so bored of how I take pictures but I have nowhere else to take them so sorry!!
Amelia Rose


  1. Amazing outfit! I love your latest ones also! The sunnies are lovely!
    kisses from Poland! :*

  2. I love pastels! That jumper is too cute. I adore those boots!!


  3. Fluffy clothes + pastel colors = perfection!


  4. First off can I just say that I love your style. it is my lifetime aim.
    But most importantly I would like to ask how you ripped your jeans? I am debating doing it to mine for a different type of look but I don't know whether to cut the knees or to take it literally and , well, rip them.
    Thank you x


    1. Thank you so much :) To rip my jeans I literally just cut a line across the knees with scissors, then used a cheese grater across the cuts to make them more ragged! Hope that helps xxx