Thursday, 7 August 2014


*Third Eye Tank Top // Susi Apparel
Check Skirt // New Look
*Boots // Lovely Wholesale
Daisy Choker // Matalan

I received this awesome shirt from Susi Apparel the other day! You can't see it completely because I have the top tucked in, but the bottom of the shirt is dip dyed yellow which looks really cool. The tops are all hand dyed, so each one comes out slightly different which I love, because it makes it feel like your item is more personal! I have the top in a size small, but if you got a bigger size then I reckon you could get away with wearing it as dress. You should definitely check out the website, because the girl who makes them has some other really cool designs too! I wore the shirt tucked into a skirt I've had for agessss, but I recently revamped it by cutting off the hem, so it has a more ragged appearance!

Amelia Rose