Monday, 28 April 2014


Organza Sleeve Jumper // Primark
Metallic Sandals // Boohoo
Ankle Socks // Primark
Floral Shorts // Primark (old)

Surprise surprise I'm wearing socks & sandals again! This is a regular occurence for me as I seem unable to put a pair of sandals on without sneaking a pair of usually frilly socks on underneath! Now this really doesn't help my situation, as most people think I look about 15 as it is (wahhh I'm 20), but alas, I cannot resist the socks & sandal combo, which I know is either a kind of love or hate thing. What's your opinion on socks & sandals? I'm also wearing this new jumper I got from Primark. I really love the muted pastel colour, and the organza sleeves sold it to me to be honest! Although, I do think I would prefer it if the sleeves were longer (but that's just me being fussy). I'm really loving this topknot hairstyle at the moment,  it's great because I can just chuck the top part of my hair up so it's not hanging in my face (which I hate!). I also like this style as it's really simple, which is a bonus as I actually suck at doing things with my hair!
Does anyone have any cute & simple hairstyle tips?

Thanks for stopping by,
Amelia Rose


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  2. aww love this, I really like your shoes!! I need to get some sandals, these might be on my list of things to get for the summer

    1. Thank you, I really want to get some of these sandals in black too as they will go with more! <3