Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Outfit 1
*Sweatshirt // Primark £10
*Joggers // Primark £10

Outfit 2
*Pyjama Top // Primark £5
*Pyjama Bottoms // Primark £8

So I'm back with part 2 of Primark's Star Wars collection,and this time it's focusing on lounge wear/nightwear!
I spend a few days a week working from home when I'm not travelling to London for uni, and comfy clothes are essential for those days! This first lounge wear set is perfect for such days :D The jogging bottoms are a really nice high waisted fit and are tapered at the ankles, which is always a must for me because I hate having flappy trouser legs haha! Both the sweatshirt and the joggers are super comfy, and I love the simple design of all black with just the white text on them.  You can get both pieces for £20 in total which is such a good price! 

The second outfit (that's not really an actual outfit haha) is this Star Wars pyjama set. I absolutely love the pyjama bottoms, which you can get for £8, because they're pink and again tapered at the ankle :D The top is sold separately for £5, but I think it's definitely worth buying the set because the storm trooper design on the top is really cool! This pyjama set would make a really nice Christmas gift for a Star Wars lover!


  1. Love both sets! Still need to get round to seeing every film! Only seen about half a box set!

    Isobel x
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  2. Omg she is so wonderful in the Star Wars pant