Monday, 19 September 2016


*Oversize Shirt // The Mountain
*Velvet Boots // Public Desire

I am a major thigh high boots fan because I don't particularly like my knees, so they're a great way to cover them up! I'm also a major fan of velvet and have been for years, so these Public Desire velvet thigh highs are literally the perfect shoe! They also come in red and black, but navy is definitely my favourite. They go great with this sun & moon design tee from The Mountain. For reference, I ordered the top in a size large, so that it could be worn oversized as a dress instead of as a top. I love the design so much; if you like this style of top then I would definitely recommend The Mountain as they have an amazing range of prints and the tops are a really nice quality


  1. Wow those boots are perfect! I love the outfit,



  2. Those boots are beautiful.. WOW!
    I'm so jealous but I love that top to, I will deffo have to check The Mountain out! :)

  3. You are one of my best favorite, I love your tastes , similar of mine :) I'm a great fan of thigh high boots for a lot of reasons ! You are so lovely and very cute as always... sorry I repeat it a lot of time ... ♥ I think to buy these boots too , in red or another color.

  4. Amazing outfit, love the both pieces SO much - you always manage to look so amazing.


  5. those boots are just perfect! love the color!