Friday, 29 July 2016


Playsuit // Forever 21
Sandals // LAMODA

I'll be honest I think I'm falling out of love with blogging. I'm having to force myself to go out and take pictures, create posts and post on Instagram. I think Instagram has a lot to do with this - over the last 6 months I haven't gained any followers, in fact I've actually lost a large amount of followers which is really disheartening and makes me question why I bother. To add to this, since Instagram is no longer chronological I have noticed a massive drop in the likes I'm getting on my pictures too. I know that likes and followers shouldn't be the reason to create content,  but I just feel like if people are unfollowing me at such a rapid rate then I must be creating content that people don't like, which is therefore pointless. It's just so frustrating to see other bloggers constantly growing, whereas I have just stagnated and am actually going backwards. I really hope that I can develop a love for blogging again, because I've met some amazing people over the past few years because of it. Apologies that this post isn't very positive, but I felt that I needed to explain the reason for my lack of content over the past month. Thank you to all you lovely people who still take the time to look at my blog!


  1. That's super cute!! 😀

  2. Perfect:) xx

  3. I honestly dicovered your blog like 2 month ago, and I really like it. I´m always happy when i see a new post of yours. And don´t worry about the followers, i´m blogging for a year now and didn´t grow on Instagram.
    Do it for yourself ;)

  4. You look amazing in this playsuit! I hope that things start looking up regarding blogging, we all have ups and downs but at the end of the day if you try and do what you love good things will come :)

  5. I just discovered your blog through Instagram two weeks ago, and I must say, I'm really surprised you're losing followers! I was happy to find your blog because it's so unique, and your style is something I would like to see more of; so many fashion bloggers all look the same. We need more girls like you!

    I really hope your blogging works out, and I for one hope to see more from you :)

    Nice photos today, Amelia.

    - Jackie