Thursday, 16 April 2015


*Emoji Sweatshirt // The Yub
Denim Skirt // Primark ~ similar @ asos
Fishnet Tights // Primark

So this is the first emoji item of clothing I've ever actually owned despite the trend being around for ages now, I just still think it’s pretty cute! The Yub sell loads of different emoji clothing so if that’s your thang then you should check it out ;) I know it’s getting a lot warmer now, but I still much prefer wearing an outfit where my arms and legs are covered, I just always feel so exposed with legs out in public haha! So I’m going to prolong wearing tights and sweatshirts for as long as it’s bearable!


  1. Love your skirt and that top is very fun too :)

    Natasha |

  2. I went into Topshop and bought pretty much the exact same skirt and now I'm gutted to hear Primark sell a cheaper one! This outfit is so cute and I love how fun your style is!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  3. I love the print of the sweatshirt. So cool

    Sunset Desires

  4. That sweatshirt is awesome!!

  5. pretty outfit!!!this skirt is amazing!can you please tell me which size you got?