Tuesday, 17 June 2014


*Dress // Yesfor
Fishnet Tights // Pamela Mann
Sandals // Amazon
Sunglasses // Primark

I received this lovely dress from Yesfor a few days ago! It has such a lovely floral pattern that's perfect for summer. The dress is a really good quality fabric and quite thick, so I'm thinking of keeping it for the winter as well to wear with black tights and a black jumper! I paired the dress with fishnet tights, as they are cool to wear and I prefer to be wearing some tights rather than having bare legs (I'm really not a fan of having my legs out!) Chunky white sandals and retro style white sunglasses go perfectly with the white flower design in the dress. I got some other bits and pieces from Yesfor as well, so I will be posting them on my blog soon!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Amelia Rose


  1. Great dress! I love the way you paired the dress with white retro sunglasses and chunky sandals. I remember when I used to wear leggings all the time, but kind of grew out of them when I moved to the desert lol. Can't wait to see the other pieces you received from Yesfor♡

    xx AlexisSplash


  2. Gorgeous dress! I seriously need to some white sandals in my life! x


  3. That dress really is just so so pretty x


  4. absolutely speechless! this look is amazing!